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For more than 1500 years Istanbul was the capital of Roman, Byzantine and Ottoman Empires.With one arm reaching out to Asia and the other to Europe, Istanbul is the only city in the world built on two continents. The Bosphorus courses the waters of the Black Sea, the Sea of Marmara and the Golden Horn through the city's heart. Istanbul's fate has been sealed by its vital strategic location and its enchanting natural beauty. For more than 1500 years it was the capital of three empires: Roman, Byzantine and the Ottoman Empires. It was beautified accordingly with magnificent monuments and became a metropolis where diverse cultures, nations and religions mingled. Those cultures, nations and religions are the small pieces that form the mosaic of Istanbul. Istanbul's most important building works started in the Byzantine period and the city was then embellished further during the days of the Ottoman Empire.

It is Istanbul's endless variety that fascinates its visitors. The museums, churches, palaces, grand mosques, bazaars and sites of natural beauty are countless. As relaxing on the western shores of the Bosphorus at sunset and watching the red evening light reflected on the other continent, you may suddenly and profoundly understand why so many centuries ago settlers chose to build a city on this remarkable site. At such times you can see why Istanbul is truly one of the most glorious cities in the world. Istanbul is Turkey's most developed and largest city, with the latest discoveries indicating that the history of human habitation there goes back some 400,000 years. The purple years of Istanbul may have started in 330 when Emperor Constantine declared the city the capital of his empire – royal purple is the colour of the Byzantine imperial family. Until 1453, when it was conquered by the Ottomans, the city served as the capital of the Byzantine Empire. During the reign of the Byzantines, Istanbul was adorned with a number of great monuments, which made it the most magnificent city in the world, even during the declining years of the empire.

The identity of Istanbul that began with the Byzantines was further shaped during the period of the Ottoman Empire. Sultan Mehmet the Conqueror declared Istanbul the capital of Ottoman Empire after he conquered the city in 1453. Over the next 450 years the city was adorned with superb Ottoman monuments. Building works after the conquest gathered apace during the reign of Sultan Bayezid II, with the finest works built by Mimar Sinan, the Chief Royal Architect. This worldfamous architect put his signature on the silhouette of Istanbul with a number of masterpieces. The Ottomans were tolerant towards all religions and dedicated many places of worship to the Christian and Jewish communities so that these peoples could practise their religion undisturbed. Thus, in Istanbul mosques, churches and synagogues stood and still stand side by side as the physical evidence of Istanbul and a symbol of tolerance and fraternity of religions.

At every turn in the city one can happen upon Roman, Byzantine and Ottoman palaces, mosques, churches, monasteries, monuments, walls and ruins. The old city centre, with its places of worship, government, trade and entertainment, was where the citizens mingled, enjoying the benefits of the security and bounty of the state while maintaining their culture and way of life. The most magnificent of Istanbul's monuments are clustered on the historical peninsula, the triangular piece of land surrounded by the Sea of Marmara to the east and south, by the Golden Horn to the north and by the city walls to the west. The Historic Areas of Istanbul was inscribed on the World Heritage List of UNESCO in 1985, enchanting visitors with an impressive texture. Sultanahmet Square is the core of the historical peninsula and the most prominent examples of Byzantine and Ottoman architecture can be seen in close proximity here.

Grand Bazaar Istanbul

Grand Bazaar Istanbul

- With the conquest of Istanbul by the Conqueror, the Empire, which had been redefined from the beginning, had to reveal many new institutions. Because now one of the most important cities of the time would play a role in creating a new identity. Especially in the beginning of economic works, the idea of ​​"product gerekiy had to be defined in its broadest sense. On the other hand, to "protect" and improve anything, it was necessary to "cover and protect üstün it. The Kapalı veiling Kapalı of the Grand Bazaar was undoubtedly intended for the realization of such a big project. If something that really needs to be protected is not to be lived in, why should we go to such an organization and investment? From this perspective, the Grand Bazaar is perhaps one of the most important and complex projects developed by the Ottoman Empire. Because within 500 years of life, the Empire has experienced tremendous changes, has been faced with successes and failures, very large projects have been implemented. But today none of them are alive. On the other hand, giant sized industries were established, the shipyard, the mint, and schools and palaces were built. But today, very few of them can continue to function. However, the Grand Bazaar is defined as a giant mechanism that keeps the product identity and economy of the Empire alive. During this long period, he faced many important problems, experienced earthquakes, burned down, collapsed, but was quickly repaired and redeveloped each time.

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Why Grand Bazaar ?

Because the Grand Bazaar had an important feature next to many covered bazaars in the world. It wasn't just a bazaar. It was one of the most important economic projects of the state for the continuity of the product identity of an empire and to ensure international competition. East-West North-South was a great mechanism to control and balance a multifaceted and effective competition. Or why would a construction and management organization of this size just be established for daily shopping? Because the Grand Bazaar was a sim symbol of power "**. During the Ottoman period, the covered bazaars in Bedesten were not only treasures where the valuable items of the palace were preserved, but also served as financial centers, which led to the accumulation of capital through trade. Fatih Sultan Mehmet, Hagia Sophia in order to bring income Cevahir and Sandal bedestenlerin established, around them for 250 years, the Istanbul Grand Bazaar had developed. Today the bazaar who no longer formed in the supply and demand functions Bazaar today has lost its gold and foreign currency price index in Turkey "Bazaar" is still an important center! *** The Grand Bazaar has an area of ​​110 thousand 868 m2, 45 thousand m2 covered area, 65 streets on 3600 shops and has 14 inn. Although most of them have been changed today, it is possible to understand what was done and sold in the past with the names of the streets and inns of the Grand Bazaar.

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The Marmara Hotel Taksim in the heart of Istanbul, 5 star comfort inspired by the city .Soaking up the exquisite Istanbul cityscape from your room.
Gümüşsuyu Mahallesi, Taksim Meydani/Osmanlı Sokak 1/B 34437 Beyoglu Istanbul, Turkey
Phone: +90 212 334 83 00
Star rating: *****
Room rates: 160 euro - 680 euro

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